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Solar Panels

About Solar Panels

Solar Panel Efficiency

In evaluating a solar panel's efficiency, consider a cool, sunny day with the temperature at about 77°F with your solar panel facing south and tilted 30° - these are the Standard Testing Conditions. (The standard testing conditions for solar panels evaluate how much electricity each panel can produce at 25°C (or 77°F) with 1,000 watts of light per square meter hitting the device.)

The amount of electricity in watts divided by the solar energy absorbed with the conditions as stated above will give you the solar panel's efficiency.


The Benefits of Solar Energy
  • Sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Energy Independence.
  • A wise investment.

With the growing threat of climate change due to the excessive release of carbon emissions, many nations are looking to clean energy alternatives to replace traditional fossil fuels. The pros of solar energy include that it is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and has a low impact on the environment and the potential for any country to produce it.