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Sooner or Later Sports Will Be Back – Are You Ready? Can You Say, “Man Cave”?

Think about it. Now is the time! The Home Improvement Group of Michiana is happy to provide some research on this topic for you! Let’s get your creative juices flowing and consider your MAN CAVE installation.

It might be very wise to move this project up on your list if stadiums are not open to full capacity this fall, as if you need an excuse!

In considering the man cave design, there are few constraints. You can convert barns, sheds, garages, and basements! The very essence of the man cave is about violating the rules. Let your favorite team’s colors take over the space. Plop some retro arcade games in the middle of the space. How about a virtual reality golf simulator? Why not?

Yeah, it happens. Love is blind! Go Sox!

Above, the Chicago White Sox black and white dominate the room where countless memories are made.

Don’t fret, Cubs fans. We have inspiration for you, too!

Stewart Mcvicar built his dream in his basement outside Chicago. His man cave was even featured on Netflix recently. You can watch more about his basement renovation on YouTube.

Yes, you can. Don’t hold back. Golf year round even when there is 12 inches of snow on the ground.

When you equip your man cave, the whole point is excess. Again, this is where the man of the house can retreat to live out his dreams. If you opted for the above golf installation, it might help if your wife, also, loves to golf!

It doesn’t only have to be about sports. The man cave is about breaking rules.

Anywhere else in the house, neon signs would be off limits. In the man cave though, it’s no holds barred.

Dedicate your man cave to your love for music.

Share you love of music. Why not create a theme based on your love of music with instruments on display waiting for an impromptu jam session?

Churchill isn’t a bad pick for inspiration.

Delight in whatever you hold most dear. The above man cave is a treat for cigar smokers and conversationalists.

You can have your man cave! Like Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give up!”.

The Home Improvement Group of Michiana can start planning your man cave today.